Skyfloor- Keller mit Tageslicht


Our many years of experience working with glass and steel, and an intensive exchange of ideas with our customers form the basis of Skyfloor. New approaches to technical developments and steady advances in materials have led to continuous development of our products.

We develop unique solutions for our costumers that deliver the best possible results.


Whether new construction or remodelling, every construction project requires planning that's on-target and the coordination of all processes and people involved.

We support you at each step, from the design planning to the construction phase.


The Skyfloor can be installed by your roof specialist; or let our Taghell team take care of it for you. We will be glad to support independent roofers to ensure proper framing and installation.


Made in Germany - delivered and installed in Europe. Taghell plans, supplies and installs walkable rooflights and glassfloors in various European countries.

We have the right solution.Just ask!

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